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Think braces are just for teenagers? Think again, as many adults begin their teeth straightening journey with Carisbrook Dental a little later in life, and choose removable braces as an effective treatment that fits with their lifestyle.

  • Discreet and comfortable
  • Straighter teeth for a cleaner, healthier smile
  • Predictable results
Removable braces

Removable braces at a glance

Removable braces are used to correct many orthodontic problems that can occur over time, including over and under bites, spacing, cross bites, open bites and crooked teeth.

Removable braces can be removed for eating and cleaning, or even if you have an important meeting or social event coming up. However, they are not as effective as conventional fixed braces, so our specialist orthodontist will let you know which treatment is the most suitable for you.

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Removable braces in case

Are removable braces right for me?

While removable braces are a popular option and can straighten teeth effectively, they’re not for everyone. At Carisbrook Dental our orthodontic specialists offer a variety of teeth straightening treatments.

These include fixed braces that fit to the front of your teeth with ceramic or plastic brackets, and lingual braces that attach to the back of your teeth. Both treatments are very discreet. We are also an Invisalign Platinum Elite provider, so if you are keen on a removable teeth straightening option, this could be suitable for you.

During your free consultation at our Manchester practice, our dental and orthodontic team will talk you through the various treatment options available and answer all your questions.

How do removable braces work?

Removable braces work by moving teeth via gentle controlled pressure. Treatment times vary, depending on the severity of your case - simple movement can be completed within 3-6 months, while more complex treatment such as to correct overbite or large spaces can take longer.

The main aim is to move the teeth into their correct positions and enable bone to grow to support them. The process is gradual to avoid teeth from becoming loose and to ensure the results are stable. The appliances are tightened usually every 4-6 weeks for maximum effect.

Removable braces

Spread the cost of treatment

Everyone deserves to have a healthy, happy smile. At Carisbrook Dental we offer a number of finance options to help our patients spread the cost and make treatment much more affordable.

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