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Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, is an important dental procedure that is used in order to halt an infection that is caused by bacteria. Our dentists at Carisbrook Dental are highly skilled in carrying out the treatment smoothly and efficiently, with pain relief if required.

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Getting to the root of the problem

Our teeth are made up of several different structures. The one at the centre of the tooth is known as ‘dental pulp’ or nerve, and this structure runs through from the crown of the tooth through to the end of the root. It travels through a tunnel in the tooth called the root canal. This ‘pulp’ is soft tissue and it’s made up of nerves and blood vessels.

The crown is the visible part of the tooth above the gum. Like a plant’s root, the root extends downwards into the jaw and functions as an anchor to keep the tooth in place.

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Why might I need root canal treatment?

Tooth decay, trauma or gum disease can not only affect the tooth's surface, but it can also affect the nerve supply in the tooth.

The nerve supply (the pulp) can be susceptible to infection, and when infected by bacteria, it can start to die and the bacteria begins to multiply. The bacteria travels down the root canal, infects the whole tooth and surrounding bone, causing severe pain. An infection in a tooth's nerve supply can lead to a dental abscess and a swelling in your face.

Once there is an infection in the root canal, in order to remove the bacteria there are two options: tooth removal or root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment: the process

Your dentist will attempt to save the tooth by removing all of the infected nerve. The root canal will then be cleaned and filled with a rubber- based material called gutta-percha. We use a modern rubber filling which is heated and injected into the root canal. It’s called “Obtura B” and has a higher success rate than traditional systems.

After root canal treatment we normally recommend crowning the tooth for added protection.

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Your treatment in safe hands

At Carisbrook Dental Care we have the expertise of Dr Dan Turner who has a special interest in root canal treatment. Dan has completed further training and qualifications in the treatment at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute. He obtained a Distinction for his Masters of Science degree in the subject.

As with many of our team, other dentists refer their root canal work to Dan, particularly more complex cases, where root canal has already been done in the past and failed.

Dr. Daniel Turner

Dr. Daniel Turner

BDS (Hons), MSc (Endo Eastman UCL)

Daniel graduated as a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, with honours, from Manchester University in 2004. He spent several years in general practice, during which time he completed the Certificate in Restorative Dental Practice from Eastman CPD. He was accepted at the world-renowned Eastman Dental Institute, University College London, and completed two years postgraduate training. In 2010 he was awarded Master of Science in Endodontics, with distinction. Since then, Daniel has devoted his clinical practice to endodontics and now accepts cases on referral, many of which are complex and challenging procedures. As well as his referral practice, Daniel has worked as a Clinical Teaching Fellow at Leeds Dental Institute supervising undergraduate students and at Manchester Dental School teaching postgraduate students. He has held a Speciality Doctor position at Eastman Dental Hospital in London. Daniel has lectured at Eastman CPD for many years, delivering the endodontic component of the Restorative Certificate course. He is also involved with teaching endodontics courses for Kings College London and Health Education England. With his extensive training and experience, Daniel is well placed to provide outstanding endodontic care for you.

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  • Comfortable and gentle
  • Highly experienced dentist
  • Cost effective treatment
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