Regular dental check-ups for a healthy smile

Regular dental check-ups are the basis for maintaining good long-term oral health. Your dentist in Manchester will keep track of the health of your teeth and spot any signs of damage and decay early.

  • Flexible appointments
  • Calming atmosphere where patient comfort is our priority
  • Affordable private dental care with flexible payment and finance methods
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What to expect at your dental check-up

Visit our Manchester practice twice a year - or as regularly as your dentist advises - to take a preventative approach to your dental care.

At your dental check-up your dentist will:

  • Assess your teeth and gum health
  • Take digital x-rays or impressions as required
  • Make oral hygiene recommendations
  • Discuss a personalised treatment plan, as necessary
Friendly professionals at Carisbrook Dental
Friendly dentists at Carisbrook Dental

Maintaining your dental hygiene

Alongside routine dental check-ups with your Manchester dentist, we also recommend you see us at Carisbrook Dental for regular dental hygiene treatments. Seeing our dental hygienist regularly helps keep your teeth and gums clean, reduces the build-up of plaque and bacteria and prevents tooth decay.

Dental care for little smiles

You’re never too young for your first trip to the dentist! Effective dental care starts as early as those baby teeth, with good brushing techniques and sound oral health habits. At Carisbrook Dental we encourage our patients to bring their children to see us as soon as their first teeth appear, and to keep coming back for regular check-ups from there on in.

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Frequently asked questions about dental check-ups

Are dental x-rays safe?

Modern x-rays use very low levels of radiation, making them a very safe and effective tool in the diagnosis and treatment of many dental problems. At Carisbrook Dental we invest in the latest dental imaging technology to ensure your dentist can make an accurate diagnosis while providing you with a comfortable, safe dental experience.

If my dentist notices a problem that needs to be treated, can they do it on the same day?

If your dental check-up reveals a problem with your teeth or oral health, a further appointment will be made for treatment. Our team will be able to answer any questions that you have and will talk to you about financing options should you wish.

I’m a nervous patient, how can you help?

Anxiety or fear about visiting the dentist is very common. Fortunately, all staff at Carisbrook Dental are trained to support and assist patients who are nervous or have a fear of the dentist. Our practice is designed to be a calm, relaxed environment and we encourage you to speak to our team ahead of your appointment if you have any particular concerns.

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