Broken Teeth

Despite the fact that teeth are made of the hardest substance in the human body, broken teeth aren’t solely the problem of fighting young men.

As a result of biting down on something hard, or even falling over, a tooth can be accidentally broken quite easily, especially if it was already subject to some decay.

It’s important not to leave broken teeth long, as the tooth and immediate gum area could become infected, so if you are suffering from a broken tooth, you should book an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible, in the meantime rinse your mouth with mouthwash or salt water to ensure it remains as clean as possible.

For mild to moderate pain, over the counter pain relief should be sufficient until your dental appointment, but if you are in severe pain, there are many emergency clinics available across the country and we offer an emergency dental service in Manchester.

Depending on the damage which has taken place, there are several options from which your dentist will choose to repair your tooth.

If only a tiny piece of enamel has been chipped off, our highly skilled dentists may fill it, or if it is a front tooth, we may use a tooth coloured resin to bond it.

A large chip, perhaps on a tooth which is suffering from decay, may mean that your dentist will prepare the remaining tooth and cover it with a crown or a cap, both of which will protect the tooth.

Even worse damage – perhaps if the tooth is broken so badly that it exposes the soft tissue centre which contains nerve endings and capillaries – can lead to the necessity of a root canal filling, which nowadays is no more painful than a filling
The most important thing to remember, however, is to ensure the damage is viewed by a dental professional as soon as possible, to avoid worse damage later on. Many people tend to leave broken teeth without treatment, after a few weeks to months this can lead to pain and the requirement of much more complex and expensive treatment.

Broken Teeth ManchesterBroken Teeth Manchester This client broke her canine playing hockey. She had a post crown fitted to replace her broken tooth


If you have a broken tooth, or even worse, broken teeth, give our friendly team a call to see our emergency dentist before the pain gets any worse on 0161 766 4906.

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