Wrinkle Reduction

In the past, we would have always associated Wrinkle Reduction treatments with being very expensive and only available in large plastic surgery hospitals. However our trained dentists can provide this treatment, in fact Dr Idrees has been providing Wrinkle Reduction treatments to his clients for 10 years.

Sunken cheeks? Crows feet? Laughter lines?
Admitting that you’d like an improvement in the way you look is the first step towards looking as good as you feel.
Wrinkle Reduction is now a regular addition to the treatments offered by dentists and helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face, to give a younger looking complexion and improved confidence. As dentists are focused on improving the appearance of our teeth, it is deemed that wrinkle reduction treatments go hand in hand in helping to maintain a youthful look. As dentists are skilled at giving injections and have a deep understanding of the head and neck it’s a natural choice to see your dentist for this treatment.
Wrinkle Reduction treatment involves injecting a diluted solution into the skin with tiny needles, the solution stops muscles contracting which in turn stops wrinkles forming and creates smooth skin. As the skin does not wrinkle it appears more youthful and less aged. Wrinkle Reduction treatment is usually associated with celebrities, although an increasing number of ‘normal’ people are also using the treatment regularly.
The results of the wrinkle reduction treatment can last up to 6 months and can help to take years off your skin and face. Carisbrook dental are also offering other treatments in addition to this, including filler treatments which can complement the use of wrinkle reduction. These are designed to bulk outlines and wrinkles in areas of the face and involves placement of fillers to below the skin to make it fuller and smoother. As a rule, we use wrinkle reduction treatment around and above the eyes and fillers below the eyes. Both treatments are safe and have been used millions of times around the world.

Wrinkle Reduction Results


Wrinkle Reduction Treatment ManchesterWrinkle Reduction Treatment Manchester wrinkle reduction treatment
wrinkle reduction treatment wrinkle reduction treatment wrinkle reduction treatment

Wrinkle reduction treatment is relatively simple and pain free. The actual procedure normally takes a few minutes. The results start to work after two weeks and are at there optimum after two months. The effects tend to wear off after four to six months however on some people can last longer as everyone’s metabolism is different.

We only use the original and best Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

At our practice, we use the best and most used form of wrinkle reduction by a company called “Allergan”. This product is the original and most used with the least reported side effects. We recommend after treatment you return for a review after a month and any areas that need a top up can be done. At our practice we are very cautious and only give the minimum amount of treatment needed to give the right result. If we give too little then we can top it up, if too much is given then this cannot be corrected and a client may have a frozen site for months. Hence we carefully give small dosages to avoid this and never have what the press/media called the frozen look. In the right hands the treatment is predictable and safe with little or no reported side effects.
Please ask our dentists for further information or book a free consultation to discuss any queries regarding wrinkle reduction you may have. You can use the contact form, call us on 0161 766 4906 or you can even tweet us!

At Carisbrook Dental we provide a number of finance options via our finance partner Chrysalis Finance to help our patients spread the cost of their treatments and make treatment much more affordable.