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Clear Braces or Invisalign Braces are the clear choice for anyone looking to discreetly improve the position of their teeth and appearance of their smile. Both systems are essentially very similar, in both appearance and function.
The Clear Braces system is all about fusing together classic and contemporary orthodontic techniques. The fundamental principles behind it are still similar to the processes used with both fixed and removable braces, but there’s a big difference with Clear Braces.
Rather than metal brackets being bonded to your teeth, the Clear Braces system uses series of clear trays that fit over your teeth to gently align your teeth. This process involves changing the trays every 2-3 weeks, each tray subtly and gently moving your teeth into a new position. Depending upon each case the whole treatment can take from six months to sometimes two years. The less complex the treatment required the quicker the treatment results. Invisalign is essentially similar the main difference being the movements are planned by a computer, patients can see the projected results before commencing Invisalign Treatment with this software. The software is called Clincheck and helps patients visualise the treatment and the end result.
Invisible Braces Manchester The clear advantage to Clear Braces is that no matter what your lifestyle, or what work or leisure commitments you have, you can use Clear Braces. If you’re someone whose job necessitates spending a lot of time in close proximity to others – the Clear Braces solution is the one for you. If you opt for the full range of ‘invisible’ orthodontics, then your social life and work life will not be negatively impacted.
Worried about the impact that ‘braces’ will have on your ability to eat what you want? With Clear Braces, you don’t need to worry as the positioners and appliances are both removable, so there are no restrictions on your appetite. You just remove them on eating.
Please note Invisalign and Clear Braces are very similar and our specialist orthodontist will select which system that suits you best, in terms of length of treatments, associated costs and which system gives you the best results
Choose Clear Braces; the choice is clear.

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