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Bring the sun to your teeth

Carisbrook is the Manchester dental clinic to help you achieve that lovely summer smile.Gleaming shiny teeth. We’ve all heard that phrase haven’t we? It is true you know, because when the summer sun is shining people really do notice your teeth more. All the more reason then to make the effort now and talk to Carisbrook, the leading Manchester dental clinic, to ensure your smile is the best it can be in time for the summer sun that is on its way.Already we’ve begun to see signs that summer is just over the horizon, and although it is still only Easter, the holiday forecast is for fine and very warm weather.It really couldn’t be a better time to contact Carisbrook, your local Manchester dental clinic, to discuss all the many ways we can help you light up the summer with your dazzling sunshine smile.Achieving your summer smile doesn’t have to be complicated, but it is worth remembering that some treatments, such as dental implants for instance, do take time.Many of our other treatments though are quick and easy. If your teeth look a little under the weather for instance – maybe they are stained or discoloured - then thanks to our ‘air flow’ technology we can freshen them in seconds by removing surface stains and deposits to leave your teeth feeling and looking so much whiter, brighter and healthier.

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Our range of teeth whitening treatments are also very effective and you can see the results with minimal delay, well in time for summer. In fact, if you contact us now and you can take advantage of our special offer that will save you £100 off Home Teeth Whitening. Our in-clinic teeth whitening treatments include Enlighten the newest and most successful system on the market, plus ZOOM! where we can bleach your teeth in just one hour and get up to eight shades blighter than your original colour. Another reason why you should contact Carisbrook, the leading Manchester dental clinic, is to let us check over your teeth. The very last thing you want is to go on holiday and suffer the agonies of toothache. As part of our dental examination we will check over all your teeth and if we do spot any signs of tooth decay, gum disease or any other potential problem, then we can quickly fix it before it becomes a more serious and painful issue. As part of our dental examination we also check for mouth cancer, which is another valuable reassurance.The Carisbrook Payment Plan also brings you many benefits. For just a few pence per day it not only covers you for two dental examinations per year, hygienists sessions, x-rays and twenty percent discount on treatments (excluding specialist treatments and cosmetic treatments) but it also provides emergency dental insurance both in the UK and abroad if the worst happens while you are on holiday.Next week we will tell you about how we can help you obtain your summer sunshine smile with treatments that take a little longer. Another reason why you should speak to us without delay.You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

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