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Britain’s Bad Teeth Jibe Just Not True

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Having bad teeth is one of the stock American jokes about British people. Even a British doctor and TV presenter joined in the criticism recently by saying that British dental standards are globally infamous and having ‘brown, foul teeth really doesn’t bother us’. The fact is, however, that these comments are just not true and as one of the top dental care Manchester practices we see at first hand, every day, how more and more people in the UK want their teeth to remain healthier and to look better. There is though one significant difference we’ve noticed between US and UK dental aspirations and that is that whereas in America the ‘look’ has to be perfect rows of shiny, white teeth, here in Britain our patients, while they are going for cleaning and some straightening, what is far more important to them is that they really want a more ‘natural look’ smile.Preventative dentistry is definitely becoming a more crucial dental care Manchester requirement and we have witnessed how many patients are now more concerned about good oral hygiene practices for themselves and their families. We have also noticed how far more diligent people are in arranging appointments with us to come into our dental care Manchester clinic for their regular check-ups, cleaning and hygiene treatments. All this of course is designed to maintain the appearance of their teeth and to prevent the incidence of tooth decay, gum disease and even bad breath.Yes, of course we have seen an increase in requests from our patients for teeth whitening as well as white fillings and to a lesser extent, porcelain veneers, but in addition to good hygiene practice, the biggest push in creating that ‘natural smile’ has, without any shadow of doubt, been orthodontics.Parents are today far more likely than ever before to book their children in to see our specialist orthodontist so that that their teeth can be gently manoeuvred into the correct position in order to correct any that are crooked or misaligned and to create that lovely smile that means so much not only to appearance, but also self-confidence.It is not only children, however, who are now experiencing the benefits of orthodontics. More adults than ever are realising that it is never too late to correct the position of their teeth and to improve their smile. This is especially true now that we can offer what are virtually ‘invisible’ braces such as clear Invisalign braces and Lingual braces that fit discretely and unseen behind the teeth. It is mainly because of these developments that adults now feel far less self-conscious about orthodontic treatments.If you or anyone in your family are concerned about the appearance of their teeth, or if they have any worries about tooth decay, gum disease or any aspect of oral hygiene please do not hesitate to contact us and book an appointment with the dental care Manchester specialists either by calling us on 0161 951 7295 or by booking online using the form on our appointments page.

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