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Dental implants – Is it cheaper and better to go abroad like Hungary/Poland then have them placed in Manchester?

Dental implants – Is it cheaper and better to go abroad like Hungary/Poland then have them placed in Manchester?We get asked this question many times, and unfortunately there is no set answer. Some clinics abroad like in the UK are very good and some are not so good.Researching the clinic you are thinking of going to is really important as it is when you go to a dental implant in Manchester.Questions you should be asking

  1. Experience of the clinic and dentist
  2. Who is placing the implants
  3. What system are they using
  4. What are the their dental implant failure rates
  5. What happens if things go wrong

At our clinic implants are placed by Dr Rob Adams and restored by Dr Tariq Idrees. We use one of the best dental implant systems in the world – Astra Dental Implants and our failure rates are less than 1% after 5 years. Astra dental Implants have success rates of over 85% over 20 years which is the gold standard.One of the problems with going abroad is who is going to look after the implants in the UK for you when you return. Often the problem is the dental implant system is not used in the UK and we cannot get replacement parts. Also be wary of clinics that give you immediate dental implants and results. Studies show this approach does lead to increased failure rates of implants as opposed to the traditional approach of dental implant treatments – doing things slowlyA case reportThis patient had dental implants placed in Turkey 5 years ago. They took her teeth out and placed dental implants and the next day placed a porcelain bridge over the implants. She is fit and healthy and does not smoke. Unfortunately after 4 years the implants cracked and she lost large amounts of bone in her upper jaw.We had to remove the broken implants and replace the lost bone, this is specialist work and was completed by Dr Adams. After the new dental implants had healed which took 10 weeks, Dr Idrees constructed a dental implant bridge for the patient.Here are some pictures of the case:


Marie Fletcher and her pre op x-ray of implants


We are a registered user of Astra Dental Implants and a preferred user. Accredited practices are chosen on qualifications and success rates. Please follow the link to read more about dental implants-

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