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Dentists are there to prevent pain … not inflict it

How dental pain can so very easily be avoided

We can scarcely believe it … but even in this day and age there are still too many people who associate a visit to their dentist with dental pain.  It’s not only outdated thinking, but it’s just plain wrong. Thanks to improved dental hygiene products at home and regular oral check-ups by your dentist, it means that dreaded dental pain can be virtually eliminated. Even if you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from a painful dental issue modern dental technology plus advanced and sympathetic dental practices ensure that we can treat the problem promptly, efficiently, effectively and without any undue discomfort. Let us say it again; these days a visit to see your dentist is more likely than not completely pain-free and stress-free, and is certainly nothing to be worried about.

The key to preventing dental pain is to have a regular routine dental examination. At Carisbrook we recommend you have one every six months.  That way we can keep an expert eye on the health and condition of your teeth and gums. If we do spot any potential issue then the chances are we can quickly deal with it there and then. While it is still a minor concern and before it becomes a bigger and possibly painful problem.

You know how the old saying goes: ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Well, when it comes to dentistry that philosophy could not be more accurate.  And that is why it is at the very heart of our drive to ensure patients don’t suffer from unnecessary dental pain.  

So to reiterate, our advice is that you clean your teeth using a good brush and protective toothpaste for at least two minutes twice a day. Always ensure that you make and keep six-monthly dental examination appointments so that we can spot and deal with minor concerns before they become more serious and possibly painful problems. 

That way you know dental pain will not be an issue and a visit to your dentist is never an ordeal.

But what about root canal treatment? Surely that has to be painful.

Not necessarily, while it is true that root canal treatment (also known as endodontic therapy) can be a painful procedure if it is not handled sensitively and skilfully, it needn’t be if it is treated expertly. Root canal treatment is required when bacteria causes the nerve supply (the pulp) of the tooth to become infected. If neglected the infection can travel down the root canal to affect the whole tooth and surrounding bone. It can lead to a painful abscess and the two alternative dental options are either extraction or root canal treatment that involves the dentist removing all the infected nerve and filling the cavity with a rubber-based material.

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At Carisbrook we are delighted that we have one of the country’s leading dentists in root canal treatment. Dr Dan Turner trained at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute and has attained a Distinction for his Masters of Science degree in the subject.

Root canal treatment can, in the wrong hands, cause severe dental pain but Dr Turner is so experienced, so professional and so gentle that other dentists from all over the region now refer their own patients for root canal work with him.  

You couldn’t ask for a greater vote of confidence. If you are concerned about dental pain then put your mind to rest by speaking to us now. You can call us now on 0161 766 4906 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Contact page.

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