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DIY dentistry? Don’t try this at home!

The other day we found a full-page article in a national newspaper with a headline that read: ‘Ouch! The shocking rise in DIY dentistry.’ The sub-headline then read: ‘ Sales of do your own fillings kits are soaring – but there’s a painful price.’According to the article, which highlighted a number of cases of people who were practicing DIY dentistry, there was someone who filed their teeth with a nail file, another who bought over-the-counter tooth filling kits and it even reported the case of a man who ripped out a decayed tooth ‘armed with only whisky and a pair of pliers from his bike tool kit.’ He broke the tooth by the way and couldn’t get the root out.Unbelievable!In every case the article also reported that things never went quite to plan and all the DIY dentists were eventually left in so much agony that they ended up having to go to a professional, qualified dentist to rectify the problem, which was by then very often more serious and far more difficult to deal with than the original one had been.So why didn’t they just go to a real dentist in the first place? The article stated that it was mainly because the people said that they either couldn’t find an NHS dentist, didn’t have time to make an appointment, or couldn’t afford the cost of private treatment.Frankly that’s nonsense. At Carisbrook Dental, the emergency dentist Manchester specialists, we’ll always do our best to see an emergency patient, whether they are registered with us or not, on the same day that they contact us. As for prices, well our fees structure makes it easy and allows patients to spread the cost of their treatment with 0% Interest Free Finance. Our Practice Payment Plan also includes the facility to pay as little as 37p per day, for comprehensive cover that guarantees an extensive programme of routine treatments. In addition, with special offers, half price deals and free consultations, it means that nobody can no longer afford to visit Carisbrook Dental.And nobody has to resort to DIY dentistry!If you’re faced with an emergency dentist Manchester requirement then the easy, cost-effective solution is to contact Carisbrook Dental right away. Don’t delay because you’re only going to make the situation worse. Call us on 0161 951 7295. For non-emergency appointments you can also reach us via our contact page.

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