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How cheap are ‘cheap’ dental implants?

Travelling abroad for a cut-price dental implant procedure is not always the best value

We see a lot of publicity advertising a cut-price dental implant procedure, especially from Eastern European countries, but you know the old saying: ‘You only get what you pay for’, and we’ve seen time and time again that in the long run ‘cheap’ can often work out to be more expensive.We have to admit that at first sight these spectacular offers from overseas dental clinics can look quite appealing and while we are not saying that the clinics are fraud or poorly qualified, we can say that before you commit to a cut-price dental implant procedure abroad you really should investigate just what you will get for your money. And what extra costs and concerns you should be aware of.As we understand it, the overseas dental implant procedure generally includes a couple of flights to the country in question. But what if your treatment requires an additional visit or two? In that case, the extra cost is almost certainly your responsibility. Don’t forget, unlike visiting a locally based dental implant procedure specialist such as Carisbrook Dental where you can arrange an on-the-spot appointment to pop round to the clinic, with an overseas dentist you have to commit to lots of time … and maybe lots of money.There are lots of other considerations you should also factor in.In order to keep their costs to an absolute minimum overseas dental clinics generally, operate to a very strict (and usually very tight) schedule. They simply can’t afford to over-run the time allocated for procedures, which is why they are often rushed. If there are any unexpected complications then these can cause a real and often expensive problem.The other way many foreign dentists are able to cut costs is by using cheaper implants, crowns and bridges. At Carisbrook, we only use the very best ‘Astra’dental implants that are globally acknowledged for their quality and performance.Our implants have a very high success rate of 95% after 20-years for non-smokers and 85% success for smokers.Another point to remember is that at Carisbrook all our dental implant procedure work is carried out by Dr Rob Adams, a specialist oral surgeon who is registered as a specialist with the General Dental Council. Such is Dr Adams’ experience and reputation that he even teaches the subject at Cardiff Dental Hospital.At Carisbrook the dentist who actually makes the crowns and bridges is our own Dr Idrees, who designs and makes them to exactly match your adjoining natural teeth. As a team, there is none with more experience or success!What about maintenance?Like all dental work, implants do require regular examination and sometimes maintenance. Would you prefer to do this at an on-the-spot local dental specialist like Carisbrook or travel to the other side of Europe?A potential problem to remember is that overseas clinics usually use foreign tools that are not normally used by UK based dentists. If we have to purchase these tools in order to maintain your dental implant procedure then it can be a lot of added expense.So our recommendation is, by all means, consider the cost-benefits of travelling for an overseas dental implant procedure, but before you do commit make sure you have fully considered the risks, inconvenience and the substantial additional cost that you may have to bear.If you would like to discuss a dental implant procedure with our specialist team please do not hesitate to contact us and hear about our offers that include a HALF PRICE DENTAL IMPLANT CONSULTATION with Dr Adams. You call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

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