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How to compare teeth whitening cost

The truth could wipe that smile off your face

As one of the top private dental practices in the North West of England, here at Carisbrook Dental we are frequently asked to provide a teeth whitening cost. More often than not we receive a nod and a smile and an appointment is made. Occasionally, however, the reaction we get is “How much?” But the simple truth is that like most things in life you get what you pay for. Yes you can get teeth whitening treatments costing less than we charge but at best the results are unlikely to be as good or as long lasting, while at worst they could be downright dangerous and could lead to serious and lasting damage to your teeth, your gums, your mouth and indeed your general health.[caption id="attachment_3853" align="aligncenter" width="200"]

Teeth Whitening Cost

Teeth Whitening Cost[/caption]So what are your options and how should you compare teeth whitening cost?Beginning with the cheapest (and potentially most dangerous) you can purchase ‘teeth whitening products’ online, from a dodgy market stall or from someone in the pub. These are probably unlicensed and unregulated products, produced who knows where, and tests have shown that they often contain dangerous levels of bleach and other ingredients that can endanger your health.Another way is to book your teeth whitening treatment with a beauty salon. Remember though that this is totally illegal. No one other than a fully qualified dentist, hygienist or dental technician, who has studied and passed stringent oral health examinations and procedures, can legally administer teeth whitening treatment. The beautician will not be qualified to provide the treatment and if anything does go wrong they will not be insured.A third way is to buy licensed over-the-counter products, which although they may be legal, are by law restricted as to the level of whitener they may contain. So the chances are that the results you obtain will be disappointing.Without any question the best and in the long run the best value teeth whitening cost is available from your dentist. Here at Carisbrook, the Teeth Whitening Manchester specialists we can provide a range of fully proven treatments including Enlighten Teeth Whitening – the newest and most successful system on the market today.We also offer ZOOM! Teeth Whitening and can bleach your teeth in just one hour to achieve up to eight shades lighter than your original colour.Or if you prefer we can provide an excellent Home Whitening process that we custom-create specifically for you.We can assure you that whichever of these treatments you choose you will be delighted with the results.When it comes to teeth whitening cost we can also help because we provide a number of finance options through our Fees and Payment Plans. These include a FREE CONSULTATION, plus 0% Finance Fees that allow you to spread the cost without paying any extra. If you would like to discuss our teeth whitening treatments and teeth whitening cost then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call to arrange your Free Consultation today on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

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