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What is behind the surge in adult orthodontics?

We don’t know whether you have read the reports, but adult orthodontics – that’s defined as people over the age of 35 seeking orthodontic treatment – is up by a staggering 70 percent in the UK. So what is behind this surge? According to the reports a confident smile is now seen as the ultimate anti-ager and believe it or not, but it is estimated that more than a quarter of adults (men and women) has had some form of cosmetic dentistry.At Carisbrook, we are certainly aware of this increase in interest and we can confirm that we have witnessed a considerable growth in the number of – shall we say ‘more mature’ patients - who want to discuss the benefits of adult orthodontics.For years it was perceived that orthodontic treatments were only for young people. The very thought of wearing metal braces was enough to dissuade most adults from even making an enquiry.How times have changed! Now more and more people, who for most of their lives have never had the confidence to smile openly because of their crooked, misaligned or gappy teeth, are now turning to adult orthodontics to create that beautiful smile they’ve always dreamed of.The results say the experts, is that suddenly these people have become proud of their smile. They are filled with additional self-confidence. And best of all they enjoy a far more youthful appearance.One of the major factors in this increase of interest in adult orthodontics is that patient are no longer restricted to traditional metal braces. These days we at Carisbrook can offer a selection of modern and very effective braces that are virtually invisible – and in some case – removable.So even while our patient is undergoing adult orthodontics treatment, the chances are that it will be only themselves and their family who are aware of it.Among the choices we can now offer are:Fixed Braces. These are fitted discretely out of sight at the back of the teeth.Lingual Braces. Another ‘invisible’ system that is fitted out of view, behind the teeth.Invisalign Braces. These transparent braces are virtually unnoticeable when they are worn. In addition, they can also be removed to eat and drink, when out on social occasions and while you clean your teeth.Removable Braces. These are designed to provide adult orthodontics treatment with the advantage that they can be removed for important social or business occasions.Now, with so many options available, it is little wonder that we are receiving more and more enquiries regarding adult orthodontics.If you would like to know more about our range of orthodontic treatments, including adult orthodontics, why not speak to us now. You couldn’t choose a better time to contact us because right now we have a very special offer of £500 OFF ORTHODONTICS TREATMENTS. For more information you can 0161 951 7295 or alternatively, you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

Adult Orthodontics

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