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Simon Taylor Testimonial

I have to admit that coming to the dentist was never the top of my list of priorities, like many people I guess.It wasn't the cost. I have always been a believer that if you want the best, you need to be prepared to pay for it.But I have never had the best of luck with my teeth. It seems that whatever I did is still needed fillings every six months. That with the pain and hassle made a visit to the dentist one of the last things I would think about. Yes, I would try and visit every six months but I dreaded it. Also being in business myself I am sure not the easiest person to please with good service. When Tariq joined Carisbrook that changed almost immediately. I for one was delighted. Here I saw a young enthusiastic new owner take control and straight away things improved. The whole place took on a new brighter look, with ambitious development plans including ceiling mounted plasma TVs to make patients feel comfortable. In the new environment, i decided to explore what I had always wanted to improve the visual appearance of my teeth.So I underwent a treatment of enhancements to 12 individual teeth. Yes, it was hard going, well a little but after a number of treatments I now have a set of teeth that I can be proud of and a brilliant new look.I am delighted with the work with Tariq and his team provided. I know it sounds a bit naff and slightly ridiculous but coming to Carisbrook dental is like visiting an old friend. From the warm reception operated by Hilary to being treated by Tariq with Rabenas help and even the hygienist. It's really easy and relaxing. I can imagine people thinking relaxing? The dentist? Yeah right! But I mean it, no longer am I bothered about coming. In fact, I like it.I would recommend this dental practice to any who will listen. Try it out for yourself! You won't be disappointed. It's the best!Simon Taylor

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