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Special Savings On Children’s Orthodontics

Save money and avoid delays with our exclusive dental orthodontics summer promotion

Over many years dental orthodontics has vastly improved the appearance, the smile, the confidence and indeed the very lifestyle of hundreds of thousands of people ranging from children and young adolescents, to mature adults. Dental orthodontics corrects the position of crowded, crooked and misaligned teeth to create a beautiful smile through the skilful and gentle manipulation of the teeth to ease them into their correct position. It produces a lovely smile and with that comes a huge boost to self-confidence. It also adds to the pleasure of dining and to an improved social life. Although many adults contact us to discuss with Orthodontist Manchester, it is children and young adolescents who are far more likely to undertake the treatment. Which is precisely why we are now making this exclusive money-saving offer.

Our very special dental orthodontics offer for all under 18s

If you would like to discuss our special money-saving offer, then please call us now on 0161 951 7295.

For only £2350 our offer includes:

  • A full examination by our specialist dental orthodontist team.
  • A one-to-one discussion on the treatment recommended.
  • A personalised programme of fixed brace treatment using the ‘gold standard’ of orthodontics braces. These are custom-made, virtually invisible and supremely comfortable.
  • A complete course of dental orthodontics treatment, including regular examinations and reviews.
  • Bespoke removable retainers at the end of the treatment period.

Extremely affordable – with special easy-payment terms and 0% interest

As part of our offer you can spread your payments with an initial deposit of £550 followed by 12 monthly payments of £150. No interest to pay!

No waiting list. Contact us now today to commence your children’s dental orthodontics treatment right away

At the moment NHS waiting lists for children’s dental orthodontics treatment are very lengthy and you can expect considerable delays but at Carisbrook, which is one of the UK’s top private dental practices and have experienced Dentist Manchester, this extra special offer is not restricted to registered patients, so call us right away and not only will you save money the treatment can begin almost immediately.Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity. To arrange a dental orthodontics appointment for children under 18 years of age call us now on 0161 951 7295.

Dental Orthodontics

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