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There’s a very good reason why we’re known as "The Gentle Dentists"

We go the extra mile to help patients overcome their fear of dentists

fear of dentists

Having a fear of dentists is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it has its own medical term: ‘dental phobia’ and it is a lot more common than you may imagine. At Carisbrook Dental we certainly understand that some people are nervous patients and that’s why, as The Gentle Dentists we not only provide supreme dental care of the highest quality, but we also employ a variety of calming methods such as relaxation techniques and even sedation if necessary to ensure that all our patients remain perfectly at ease whenever they visit us.

Nervous patients are so much a part of dentistry that there is even a Dental Phobia Organisation as well as a Dental Fear Organisation. Carisbrook is registered with both these bodies and we undertake regular training sessions designed to help patients overcome their fears and to remove stress.

Dr Idrees has been Dental Phobia Certified for over 10-years and he has also received a Five Star Award from the Dental Phobia Organisation.

fear of dentists

In other words, we take the fear of dentists very seriously and for over 50-years we have been developing special techniques to help our nervous patients.

At the heart of these techniques is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere we have created. We will never rush you or push you into treatments you feel uneasy about. Everything is taken at a pace you’re comfortable with and we provide aids such as TVs and iPods to help you relax.

Our dental teams are all fully understanding and they do everything they can to reassure and help you. Everything will be fully explained so you are always aware of everything that will be involved and we take time to help you overcome any fear of dentists you may have.

As well as the extraordinary care we take to reassure you we also have a number of measures designed to help nervous patients overcome their fear of dentists.

For instance, we can offer treatment under sedation and also pain-free anaesthesia with ‘The Wand’. This is so effective that many patients don’t even realise that they have been injected.

For severe nervous patients, we can provide a number of sedation methods to help them relax. We provide Oral Sedation, which entails patients taking a tablet the night before and one hour before their appointment. We can also offer Intravenous (IV) Sedation, which entails a simple injection into the back of the hand. Whilst you will remain fully conscious during your treatment you will be unlikely to recall anything about it.

For children who have a fear of dentists, we have a special Inhalation Sedation to help them remain calm, relaxed and unworried. This is carried out by a Children’s Dentist who has undertaken many more years of specialist study.

Having said that, our aim at Carisbrook is to gradually wean patients off sedation and by helping them to trust our staff and caring techniques to feel comfortable and confident whenever they visit us.

If you have a fear of dentists and you would like to discover just why Carisbrook is known as The Gentle Dentists, then please do arrange an appointment to visit our practice and discuss any concerns that you may have. We fully understand the stress of nervous patients and we will do everything we can to reassure you.

To make an appointment you can call us on 0161 766 4906 or you can complete and return the online form that you will find by going to the Contact page on our website.

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