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Why pay a dentist for teeth whitening when you can do it yourself with a £25 kit?

More and more people are today opting to undergo teeth whitening treatment. They know that with whiter, brighter teeth they will look better, feel better, smile more readily and enjoy a much higher level of confidence.

But, as everyone knows, where there is an increased demand for something there are always cowboys waiting to cash in.

It is exactly the same with teeth whitening, more and more over-the-counter kits are becoming available some of which can be potentially harmful. Even more worrying is the fact that there are an increasing number of illegal and counterfeit kits coming onto the market that are really very dangerous.Our advice at Carisbrook Dental is don’t do anything about teeth whitening until you have spoken to your dentist. In fact, recent legislation has made it illegal for anyone other than a qualified dentist to provide teeth whitening treatment.Take a look at Teeth Whitening Manchester. Our policy is to firstly examine a patient’s teeth to determine exactly the cause of teeth discolouration. Is it as a result of simple surface staining, or is it caused by your genetic make up or lifestyle? Understanding the cause enables us to recommend the most effective treatment.

Simple surface stains

These peripheral stains can usually be quickly removed by our Airflow machine, which swiftly cleans and freshens the teeth leaving them with a much whiter appearance.

Genetically discoloured teeth.

This type of discolouration can easily be treated in your own home using a bespoke product that we individually make for each patient. It uses a very safe and non-destructive solution of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Lifestyle discoloured teeth.

First of all we professionally examine your teeth and can then recommend the most suitable treatment. This could be a home treatment course, or one of our in-clinic treatments that include laser whitening using our Zoom machine or the very latest ‘Enlighten’ technology - the revolutionary new teeth whitening treatment from the USA. Probably the most advanced teeth whitening process there is.We cannot stress enough just how dangerous and risky to your teeth, gums and mouth cheap, non-professional or even illegal teeth whitening kits can be.Before you do anything please discuss Cosmetic Dentistry with your dentist because remember, any damage caused to your teeth is irreversible.Right now at Carisbrook Dental we are offering a Free Cosmetic Consultation. Call us to arrange an appointment or visit our Contact page.

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