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Avoiding a holiday dental nightmare

Talk about a nightmare scenario … there you are enjoying your holiday in some exotic sun-kissed paradise, when suddenly – OUCH – you realize that you’ve just lost a filling or dislodged a crown. You’re not due home for another ten days. So what do you do in the interim?Here to help you is the Carisbrook dentists Manchester guide to avoiding a holiday dental nightmare. If you’re holidaying in the UKOur advice is to seek out a local dentist as quickly as possible. Ask at your hotel or at a local advice centre for recommendations. If you have insurance such as the Carisbrook Practice Payment Plan (details are on our Fees page) you should be able to see a dentist that same day where you can receive either a permanent solution for your emergency or a temporary repair until you can visit your own dentist on your return.Take a look at our Payment Plan Options. For a small monthly fee – from as little as 37p per day – you can receive:

  • Two dental health checks per year.
  • Two hygiene appointments per year.
  • All routine dental x-rays.
  • Dental injury cover up to £10,000 per year.
  • Up to £12,000 cover for one course of oral cancer treatment (including smokers)
  • Temporary emergency dental treatment abroad and in the UK up to £400 per incident and up to £800 per year.

If you’re holidaying abroadThe first piece of advice we would offer is to pack a DENTANURSE First Aid Kit for Teeth to take with you. You can purchase one from Carisbrook Dental practice, or they are also available online. This compact kit includes a selection of products to help deal with minor dental emergencies and allows you to temporarily re-fix dislodged crowns, bridges, fillings and inlays.Failing that, seek out a good local dentist by asking for recommendations at your hotel. Ask the dentist to provide a temporary fix until you can get to your own UK dentist. If you have dental insurance you should be able to reclaim your expenses on your return.Here are our TOP 6 TIPS for dental emergencies abroad.

  1. Ask at the hotel for a recommended dentist
  2. Ask any ex-pats you know or meet for recommendations.
  3. Make sure the dentist you see can speak good English.
  4. Ensure you receive a receipt for any fees paid.
  5. Ask for clinical notes so you can show them to your own dentist on your return.
  6. If you need to replace implants or veneers, try, if possible, to delay treatment until you can see your own dentist in the UK.

If you would like any further advice, or even to have a check up before you depart on holiday to make sure that everything is okay, please do not hesitate to make an appointment by calling 0161 951 7295 or send us a message via our contact page.

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