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Do you smile like Mona Lisa?

Then let Dental Implants Manchester put a beam on your face.Mona Lisa’s smile is usually described as ‘enigmatic’, which the dictionary defines as: ‘mysterious’ or ‘inscrutable’. What it certainly doesn’t mean is open and attractive.If you notice, people who are not happy with their teeth, perhaps because they have unsightly gaps, tend to adopt the Mona Lisa tight-lipped smile. But they don’t have to, because modern, advanced dentistry techniques mean that no one these days has to suffer from the embarrassment of having missing teeth, nor the misery that a gappy smile brings.If you do have a missing tooth or teeth, then at Carisbrook Dental we can help you in a number of ways to regain your smile and with it, your confidence.Our Restorative Dentistry treatments include Dentures with a false tooth or teeth to fill the gap. Our expert cosmetic dental experience also means we can produce Bridges in which we prepare the two adjacent teeth to the gap and then bridge the gap with a specially made false tooth or teeth.Without doubt however, the ‘Gold Standard’ solution to replace missing teeth is to have a Dental Implant. The expertise and reputation of Dental Implants Manchester in this field is now so highly regarded that many dentists, both locally based and from around the country, now routinely refer their own patients to Carisbrook Dental for dental implants in our clinic.The procedure involves us implanting a stud into the jaw where the gap is, then after approximately a four-week wait, while that heals, we attach the replacement tooth that has been individually produced to match the shape and colour of the adjacent teeth. The advantages of a dental implant are that it looks totally natural, it doesn’t affect or damage the adjacent teeth and our success rate is well over 90% even after 20+ years, providing you still maintain regular routine dental treatment.Some people think that dental implants are expensive and it is true that in the short term the costs can be significant, but when viewed over the long term, dental implants undoubtedly represent the best value for money and are the cheapest option.If you would like to discuss any of these solutions with us then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 951 7295, or alternatively go to our Contact page where you can also reach us.We’ll get you smiling again in no time ….

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