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Don’t let dental phobia ruin your life

As one of the region’s leading dental practices, established for over 60-years, we have witnessed many instances where a patient’s dental phobia (the fear of dentists) has not only resulted in extensive dental problems, but it has also been the cause of severe stress, tension and anxiety that has had a profound impact on their everyday life. What most people are not aware of is that thanks to modern enlightenment and advanced treatment techniques we can help nervous patients to overcome their dental phobia and by doing so ensure that they do not have to suffer the agonies of ongoing dental problems.At Carisbrook, we are a Dental Phobia Certified practice, which means we have received special training to assist nervous patients to overcome their fears. We are registered with the Dental Phobia Organisation and Dental Fear Organisation, while our Dr Idrees has received a 5-Star Award for his success with nervous patients from the Dental Phobia Organisation.

Dental Phobia

Unlike many dental practices, at Carisbrook, we have created a very special calm and welcoming environment where even the most nervous of patients will immediately feel relaxed and perfectly at ease. You’ll never be judged or put under any kind of pressure. We also offer relaxation aids such as TVs and iPod docking stations while everything is conducted one step at a time and at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Every stage of the treatment will be fully explained and you will never feel pressured at any time.If you and your dentist feel it would be beneficial then we can also offer treatment under sedation so that not only will you be totally relaxed you will remember nothing whatsoever about the treatment itself.Other important aspects of our dental phobia success for nervous patients are our specially developed pain management processes that include The Wand – a revolutionary device that ensures injections are totally pain-free. In fact, many patients have told us that they were not even aware that they had received an injection.At the heart of our practice’s dental philosophy is our desire to help patients, whether nervous or not, prevent unnecessary dental problems by encouraging a routine of preventative dentistry through improved oral hygiene procedures, for which we offer professional cleaning advice as well as recommending regular dental check-ups. Thanks to our advanced dental phobia techniques and our unrivalled caring support, it means that any patient – even the most nervous – can enjoy life without the worry of preventable dental problems and without any qualms or fears of visiting the dentist.If you suffer from dental phobia and worry about having to visit the Dentist in Manchester why not speak to us now about our Nervous Patient Care programme? To arrange a FREE CONSULTATION you can call us on 0161 951 7295 or you can contact us by using the online booking form on our Appointments page.

Dental Phobia

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