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Government warns NHS dentists to step up or lose funding

But BDA is furious that local dentist practices now face new pressures regarding patient numbers

The majority of NHS local dentist practices have been running reduced clinics during the pandemic in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Now, however, the Government has warned NHS dentists that their funding will be cut if they can’t get back to 60 per cent of their pre-Covid patient levels by the end of summer. So far only one in ten NHS local dentist clinics are hitting the current 45 per cent target of pre-pandemic business and the British Dental Association (BDA) is furious, claiming that being forced back into busy schedules will put patient and staff safety at serious risk

Interestingly, at Carisbrook Dental we have already taken all the appropriate steps required in order to get back to our pre-pandemic patient numbers … without jeopardising the integrity of our service or risking the safety and health of our patients and staff.

The BDA meanwhile says that NHS local dentist practices in England have been put in an invidious position and that ‘targets have no place during a pandemic’. It branded the policy change as totally unacceptable, warning that huge numbers of NHS local dentist practices could be required to close.

The situation at Carisbrook is quite different. After being compelled to close in the early part of the first lockdown we then strove to incorporate the most rigorous health and safety procedures necessary to ensure that we could continue to treat all our patients expertly, efficiently and with the added assurance that the risk of Covid infection was entirely minimised.

•  We re-planned our premises so that it now has a ‘one way system’ in order to prevent close encounters.

•  We redesigned our waiting areas to ensure adequate space for social distancing.

•  We adjusted appointment times to avoid patients arriving at the same time.

•  We provided the most effective PPE equipment for all our staff - from facemasks and barrier screens for reception personnel to full PPE equipment including masks, face visors, gloves and protective clothing for our front-line dentists and hygienists.

•  We scheduled appointments in order to allow time for us to sanitise our treatment rooms between every patient procedure.

This catalogue of extensive measures means that all our patients, whether they are visiting us for a routine dental examination, emergency treatment, dental implants or for all forms of cosmetic dentistry feel one hundred per cent confident that at Carisbrook they are in a Covid Safe Environment.

Many people still consider that a private dentist must be unacceptably expensive, but once again at Carisbrook we pride ourselves on being the local dentist that has made every effort to provide unsurpassed private dental treatment at what is a very affordable cost.

Our Payment Plan begins at just 37 pence per day for adults and this covers your routine dental examinations, hygiene sessions and x-rays … and in addition, we also provide 20 per cent discount on most treatments. It also includes valuable Dental Accidental Cover.

On top of this we provide a Free Consultation for all new patients as well as zero per cent Finance to enable patients spread the cost of their treatment.

So … while NHS local dentist practices are now gnashing their teeth at the latest proposals and are worried about closures, at Carisbrook you know you can arrange an appointment without any delays and enjoy the very best dental care all within what are assured Covid-safe surroundings.

In other words, not only are you fully protected but we have done our utmost to make sure our unbeatable service is extremely affordable.

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