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Gum slips are a better option than gum jabs

Why we believe this is the best way to deal with the problem of receding gums

A few days ago we were reading claims about how anti-ageing dermal fillers injected into the gums were the best way to eliminate the problems that are caused by receding gums exposing the roots of teeth and spoiling the appearance of a smile. Obviously, this is a treatment we are fully aware of, but in our opinion, there is a much better way to deal with this type of problem and that is to use gum slips.Injecting the gel-like substance into the gums will undoubtedly produce results by increasing volume, which in turn will help to enhance the smile.But… what wasn’t made very clear in the article we saw was that this treatment is not suitable for everyone and that the dentist has to make not just one, but several injections into the receding gums. What’s more, the procedure has to be repeated about every six months – which means that it works out to be somewhat expensive.At Carisbrook, our view is that receding gums are part of the ageing process. It is completely natural and if there is no evidence of gum disease a far less invasive treatment is to hide the exposed roots by fitting a tailor-made gum slip. This not only covers and disguises the effects of the receding gums and helps to shield and protect the teeth, but it also produces an immediate natural looking improvement that helps to create a lovely youthful smile.

Receding Gums

In order to manufacture the bespoke gum slips, we take a moulded impression of the patient’s gum line and teeth, from which the gum slip is then custom produced. Gum slips are made from a very soft and flexible pink acrylic material that is specified to match the shade of the natural gums. The softness, flexibility and retention qualities of this advanced material enable it to fit comfortably between the teeth and over the gums and in so doing it completely hides the blemishes caused by the receding gums.The beauty of our gum slips is that they look totally natural when in position, they feel comfortable to wear and do not affect either eating or drinking. They are also extremely easy to remove at night for hygiene reasons. Unlike the injected fillers, these gum slips provide what is a long-lasting, cost-effective solution to the problem of receding gums.In our opinion, tailor-made gum slips are far more preferable to the expensive, short-term filler fix.If you are affected by receding gums and would like to discuss with our Dentist in Manchester about the benefits of gum slips, then please contact us. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION or you can contact us by using the online booking form on our Appointments page.

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