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No need to be nervous

Dental phobia specialists

Over the past couple of weeks, in fact since the beginning of the year, we have been seeing a number of patients who haven’t visited a dentist for quite some time. Most of the comments have been very similar. One, they thought that the New Year was a good incentive to rectify minor (and sometimes not so minor) dental problems that had been troubling them for quite some time. But two, and this was very noticeable, several patients told us that the thought of any dental work made them nervous, which was why they kept putting off the treatment.Yet after the treatment we provided, almost every one of them commented how stress-free the treatment was and that they didn’t really know why they had been so nervous.The point is that we’re often referred to as ‘The Gentle Dentist’ and we are registered and accredited Dental Phobia Specialists and are also registered with the Dental Fear Organisation. Both these bodies regularly vet dentists to ensure that they are suitably trained and sympathetic to patients. One of our dentists: Dr Idrees received a FIVE STAR AWARD as a Dental Phobia Specialist.Our entire emphasis is to provide dental care of the highest quality in relaxed and comfortable surroundings. Our standards of Nervous Patient Care are second to none and our aim is to let our patients always feel that they are in control by taking things one step at a time, slowly and at a pace they are comfortable with.Among our Nervous Patients practices we have special relaxation aids plus the reassurance that our rightly regarded Pain Management programme is designed to help everyone overcome any fears they may have.Part of our Pain Management process is The Wand. Instead of the usual hand-applied injections, The Wand, which looks rather like a pen, delivers an automated dose of anaesthetic precisely to the required area at a slow, controlled, low-pressure rate. Indeed, many patients remark that they do not even feel the anaesthetic being administered. Generally speaking, because The Wand delivers a targeted injection, patients don’t experience the numb tongue and lips that can accompany manual injections.The other thing we can offer as part of our Nervous Patient Care is Sedation. The oral sedation we use involves taking just one tablet about an hour before treatment, or alternatively we can administer a small injection into the back of the hand. Either method means that patients will feel comfortable, relaxed and reassured. They will be aware of everything that is happening … but it helps them to remember nothing at all of the treatment.With our help and the practices we employ as one of Manchester’s leading dental phobia specialists, many previously nervous patients now no longer fear the prospects of a visit to the dentist.If you are at all worried about booking or attending a dental appointment then please talk to us about our Nervous Patient Care and our Pain Management techniques. You can phone us on 0161 951 7295 or you can simply send us a message online by using the form on our Appointments page and we will get straight back to you.

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