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‘The dentist will see you … in three years’

Maybe you should contact the Manchester dentist who guarantees to see you promptly

It wasn’t really a great surprise to us, but nevertheless, the headline in one of today’s major morning newspapers must have shocked a great many readers. It stated: ‘Some NHS patients forced to wait till 2024 for an appointment - THE DENTIST WILL SEE YOU … IN THREE YEARS’. It wasn’t the only newspaper to carry this shocking revelation either, because other publications also featured the alarming facts about Britain’s dental patients being forced to wait for NHS appointments, being struck off patient lists and being fobbed off with antiseptics instead of seeing the dentist.  

The good news is that the leading Manchester dentist – Carisbrook Dental is ready and available to welcome new patients now … without delays and with practically no waiting time.

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Yes, Carisbrook is a private Manchester dentist, but with a FREE CONSULTATION, 0% FINANCE, plus an attractive PAYMENT PLAN that provides the best possible dental treatment for only 37-pence per day for adults and just £6 per month for children up to 16 years of age, the cost to guarantee prompt attention from a top Manchester dentist is not only very affordable … it is probably a lot less than you imagined.

For that 37-pence per day, just look at the impressive benefits you receive from the leading Manchester dentist:

  1. Two dental health examinations per year, including oral cancer health checks.
  2. Two hygienist appointments per year including preventative advice.
  3. All routine dental x-rays.
  4. 20% discount on routine treatments (excluding specialist treatments and cosmetic treatments).
  5. Dental injury cover up to £10,000 per year
  6. Up to £12,000 cover for one course of oral cancer treatment (including smokers).
  7. Temporary emergency dental treatment abroad and in the UK up to £400 per incident, and up to £800 per year.

That is not only very comprehensive … it is also extremely competitive.

Why wait years for a NHS dentist when you can see Carisbrook Dental in a few days?

Healthwatch England claims that public opinion of NHS dentistry has never been lower, thanks to unreasonable waiting times and rising costs which range from £23.80 up to £282.80 depending on the treatment.

Maybe now is the perfect time when you should be considering switching from an NHS dental practice where you may not be able to gain an appointment for years … to Carisbrook Dental the Manchester dentist that not only guarantees to see and treat you promptly but also provides the most exceptional value for money.

Peace of mind for only 37-pence per day!
Carisbrook Dental is now taking on new patients. For a FREE CONSULTATION and to learn all about what the leading Manchester dentist can provide for you, please contact us now. You can call us now on 0161 766 4906 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Contact page. 

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