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The Perils of School Holidays

It’s when more parents than ever need the help of an emergency dentist

Running, climbing, swinging, sliding, bumping, fighting, tripping, cycling, skateboarding, jumping, throwing, catching, falling, scraping, breaking…… At Carisbrook the long summer school holiday is when there is most call for our emergency dentist service.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare isn’t it? The children are outside playing and enjoying themselves when suddenly there is a commotion and one of them runs in crying that they have fallen and hurt their tooth. It’s usually in the evening or at weekend. So how do you contact an emergency dentist?

Here’s how and what you should do.

If you take a look at your child’s mouth and discover that they have broken one of their teeth or that a tooth has been lost then you need to take action quickly. Especially if your child is in pain.

If the tooth is chipped or broken then your emergency dentist can probably repair it with a filling. If it is a front tooth they will probably use a white filling to patch it up and match the shade of the surrounding teeth. That way it is virtually invisible.

Alternatively if the damage is severe the emergency dentist could repair it by using a crown that fits over the damaged tooth to restore its natural appearance and to provide protection and strength.

Another option is to use inlays/onlay that are an alternative to conventional crowns.

What to do is your child has a tooth knocked out!

The most important thing is to act quickly. If you have the tooth that has been knocked out then you must handle it as little and as carefully as possible. Try not to touch the root! You also need to keep it clean and moist, so place it in a clean container or plastic bag and cover it with saliva. This is the best method of preserving the tooth. If you can’t do this then cover it with milk or fresh, clean water.

Then contact an emergency dentist as quickly as possible.

The Carisbrook Emergency Dentist number is 0161 766 4906

Whatever day it is… whatever time it is… day or night, if you need to contact our emergency dental clinic just call 0161 766 4906. If our clinic is open on that day we will do our best to make an emergency appointment as quickly as possible. If we are closed you will be given the number of our emergency ‘on call’ dentist. Just call that number and he will ring you back to assess the problem and will give you any advice or help, or if it is necessary he will arrange to meet you at our clinic to will provide the emergency treatment that is needed.

We sincerely hope that you don’t need our emergency dentist, but if you do it’s reassuring to know that they are available at the end of the phone and are willing to help anytime day or night.

If you need our emergency dentist then call immediately on 0161 766 4906. For any non-emergency appointment you can call us on 0161 951 7295 or you can contact us by using the online booking form on our Appointments page.

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