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Scared of the dentist? Just imagine you’re on a beach.

A virtual reality headset can remove phobia of dentist fears claims university research

For anyone who has a phobia of dentist the suggestion that a simple VR headset can help you overcome your fear must be wonderful news. But that is exactly what a study by Plymouth, Exeter and Birmingham University researchers is claiming. In studies, they say that patients who were transported to a beautiful beach via a VR headset were far more relaxed about being in the dentist’s chair. Interestingly though, a VR experience of walking through a city brought no benefits. So the conclusion is that the more beautiful and relaxing the VR environment, the more relaxed the patient becomes.So does that mean that VR headsets will soon become a standard part of our nervous patient care programme?Well, no. Not yet anyhow. At Carisbrook Dental we think that there has to be considerably more research into the subject before we rush to buy a consignment of VR headsets.In the meantime we prefer to rely on what is a tried, tested and trusted nervous patients procedure that we know, from long experience, works remarkably well. Over many years we have established what is now one of the most friendly and relaxing dental care environments there is. It is why we are widely recognised as ‘The Gentle Dentist’.From the moment you first step through our door, you will be greeted and treated in a warm, calm and friendly manner. There will never be any pressure on you. You will never be judged because of your phobia of dentist and if you prefer to meet one of our dental team in a pleasant consulting room instead of a dental surgery then that is perfectly fine.We will explain everything to you in advance. We will always proceed at a pace that is comfortable for you. We will take everything just one step at a time so that in time you feel totally relaxed, comfortable and confident.If between us we feel that it will be beneficial, we can even offer sedation treatment that will help you relax so that you will not even remember any of the treatment.Another way in which we can help nervous patients is through our impressive pain management procedures that include The Wand and Calaject™, both of which are computer assisted totally pain-free methods of delivering anaesthetic. Many patients are not even aware of the injection.To us at Carisbrook helping patients overcome their phobia of dentist fears is so important that we are registered with both the Dental Phobia Organisation and the Dental Fear Organisation. All our dental staff are fully trained in the latest overcoming dental phobia techniques and are regularly vetted. One of our dentists, Dr Idrees, is the holder of a Five Star Award from the Dental Phobia Organisation.So while we may not yet be offering VR headsets, if you do suffer from phobia of dentist then please speak to us at the most patient-friendly practice there is. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

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