“People should be more aware of the link between severe gum disease and heart disease”   We think that it is probably fair to say that if we were to mention to people that severe gum disease can be a significant cause of cardiovascular disease, then they would, to say the least, be rather surprised.

Parents are advised of a growing risk to children’s teeth The Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS) has revealed disappointing NHS data that almost sixty percent of children under four did not see a dentist in 2018. The guidelines are quite clear, state the FDS. Parents are advised to make sure young children are seen by

University study reveals that they ‘can erode enamel and make teeth sensitive’   Over recent years teeth whitening products sold by high street stores have become increasingly popular, but a study by experts at the University of Manchester Dental School has highlighted the risks of using these over-the-counter treatments. In their report, dentists warn that

How invisible Invisalign braces secretly correct misaligned teeth   Mention the word ‘orthodontics’ and most people will immediately think of children or young people wearing unsightly metal braces. But there are two important facts you should be aware of. One is that orthodontics is not just for young people and today more and more adults

Read our best teeth whitening review So just who can you rely on when it comes to the best teeth whitening treatment? The answer to that question is very simple… and very much straight to the point. The only people you can trust to provide the correct advice and the best teeth whitening treatment… are

But our snoring solutions can help to save your brain For most people snoring is a thing that they pay very little attention to.  After all, the fact is that they very rarely hear it themselves. Instead it is their partner who has to suffer. Believe it or not, but the UK Marriage Council has

Oral hygiene may be even more important than you thought   Scientists believe they may have discovered a link between bacteria that is common in gum disease and people with dementia. The researchers say they are hopeful that their findings could pave the way to new methods of tackling the illness, which at the moment

Beware, that attractive dental implant cost may be misleading No doubt almost everyone has seen the big advertisements in the newspapers. The ones that promote travelling abroad for dental implant treatment at what seem to be hugely attractive low prices. At first sight they appear to be the ideal way to replace missing or damaged