Our dental implant surgery will change your life There are many reasons why teeth fail and patients lose them.  It could be the result of an accident or an injury, or it could be because of a dental disease such as tooth decay or gum disease. At one time the only remedy was to wear

“Yes!”  it’s a snoring cure claim the manufacturers.  “NO!”  Responds the medical expert. We were looking through one of the national newspapers last week when we came across a feature that debated whether sweets, pastilles and lozenges – the type that you can find in any chemist – really are effective in providing the treatment

Mouth cancer screening is more important than ever Whilst mouth cancer is by no means the most common type of cancer affecting people today, figures show that the incidence is steadily increasing. So with the commencement of Mouth Cancer Action Month, which runs throughout the whole of November, we thought that there is no better

Why your dental hygienist is just as important as your dentist The name of our practice is ‘Carisbrook Dental’. You’ll notice that it is not called ‘Carisbrook Dentist’ and that is for a very good reason. At Carisbrook we operate as a team. An exceptional, full-service dental team that involves everyone from our most experienced

A dental implant procedure could be your best Christmas present ever! Dental implants have been described as ‘the closest thing to having your natural teeth back’.  So just imagine what they could mean for you… beautiful new teeth… a perfectly natural looking new smile… a new boost to your self-confidence… in fact, A NEW YOU!

But at Carisbrook, we have a very special offer to slash orthodontics cost An investigation has found that at least 20,000 youngsters a year are being denied the corrective orthodontic’s treatment they need. Some families have been incorrectly advised that their children do not qualify for free treatment. While others are told they will have

We can help you overcome severe dental phobia Despite the massive advancements in dental treatments, techniques and technology, there are still thousands of people of all ages who quite literally are too scared to go to the dentist. In fact the fear of dentists can be so extreme that some people would rather suffer the

Cosmetic dental treatment can take years off your smile We came across a very interesting article the other day in one of the national dailies and it was about one woman’s battle to make her smile look as young as her face. The lady in question, who was in her 50s, realised that even though she