New research recommends white tooth filling. But is it right?     It’s a debate that has been raging for almost 200-years, ever since mercury fillings became popular in the 1830s.  Properly called amalgam and sometimes referred to as silver fillings, these have been the standard method of filling cavities in teeth and the mainstream

Carrying a bottle in the present heatwave could be one of the serious tooth decay causes We’ve noticed it and no doubt you too will have, just how many people now walk around carrying a drinks bottle.  Nothing wrong with that you may think – especially bearing in mind the surprising length of time that

This discovery could change the concept of dental treatment procedures suggests latest research   Researchers at King’s College London have found that a drug designed to treat Alzheimer’s disease is able to stimulate damaged teeth to create new dentine capable of filling large cavities.   Current dental treatment procedures require the cavity to be ‘filled’.

Report claims their high-carb diets are rotting teeth and causing gum disease   In a huge study involving 350 athletes from nine Great Britain Olympic teams, as well as Team Sky cyclists, England rugby players and football clubs, researchers at University College London found high levels of gum disease, tooth decay and other oral health

Half the population admit to fear of dentist   After last week’s revelation about the effects of a reduced NHS dental spend, this week we have seen another newspaper article and this time it confirms just how many people have such a fear of dentist phobia that they are willing to put up with toothache

NHS spending drop has painful repercussions for a growing number of patients   A report published this week in a leading national newspaper has revealed that the government spend per NHS patient has fallen by £4.95 (from £40.95 to £36) over the last five years.  Just as alarming, reports the article, the income from fees

Save money and avoid delays with our exclusive dental orthodontics summer promotion   Over many years dental orthodontics has vastly improved the appearance, the smile, the confidence and indeed the very lifestyle of hundreds of thousands of people ranging from children and young adolescents, to mature adults.  Dental orthodontics corrects the position of crowded, crooked

Tooth decay in children has become a serious health issue   There is a very serious health epidemic sweeping through the UK and it is not one of the traditional childhood illnesses such as measles, chickenpox or mumps.  This latest health catastrophe concerns tooth decay in children and it is so serious that according to