What to do if the winter chill affects sensitive teeth   The past few days have seen the first of this winter’s icy weather with a cold snap that is predicted to last for some time yet.  It could be a foretaste of what is in store for us and for many people the cold

Your emergency dentist’s number is: 0161 766 4906   Dental Emergency … the dictionary definition is: ‘An unexpected crisis relating to teeth, gums and oral health.  An urgent situation requiring timely treatment.’  The key words are ‘unexpected’ and ‘urgent’ but for most people suffering a dental emergency one of the biggest problems is not knowing

Please don’t leave it too late to arrange your teeth whitening treatment   There’s a lot to organise in the run-up to Christmas and right now outside virtually every restaurant, pub and club there are big signs urging you to book your Christmas ‘do’.  If you want to look your best over this year’s most

You don’t get second chances with dental hygiene care   This Sunday, 29th October, British Summertime ends at 2am,when everyone in the UK should turn their clocks back by one hour.  So to us at Carisbrook Dental it seems a very appropriate moment to remind everyone that if you neglect your dental hygiene care you

As NHS dental costs continue to rise patients face a dilemma   We touched on the difficulties of finding an NHS dentist who is taking on new patents a few weeks ago when we wrote about the lady who, in desperation, resorted to pulling out her own teeth.  Then last week we came across an

If you don’t keep wearing your retainer your straightened teeth could go wonky again   If we were to conduct our own survey and ask the public how long they thought a typical orthodontics treatment took, the majority of people we questioned would probably say “about two-years”.  After all, they may have experienced themselves, or

Parents have to act to prevent the growing crisis of toddler tooth decay   Very recently we read an article in the Times that echoes exactly with what we at Carisbrook have been voicing for a long time: It is never too early to introduce young children to a dentist.  In fact the Times headline

Two astonishing new dental hygiene products dreamed up by scientists   Because Carisbrook dental is one of the UK’s leading dental practices and we are passionate about what we do, we’re always eager to explore any new developments that might prove valuable for our patients.  Frequently though we come across new products and procedures that