We hope that you are all keeping well, safe and segregated in this difficult time. As we are sure you will appreciate, guidance in relation to dentistry is changing on a daily basis in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department of Health has advised all routine dental treatment should stop until further notice. We

Some sensible advice from Carisbrook, the leading dentist Manchester practice There is no getting away from it … the coronavirus crisis in the UK is now escalating day by day. The Government has announced that they will now broadcast daily updates in order to keep us fully abreast of the latest developments, plus of course

New survey reveals how good teeth hygiene protects much more than your oral health A survey studying possible links between poor teeth hygiene and the risk of diabetes has recently been released and it shows that brushing your teeth three or more times a day could make it less likely that you will develop the

It’s why Carisbrook is the dental implant clinic that other dentists refer their own patients to Over recent years there has been something of a surge in the demand for dental implants. Partly this is because it has now become a ‘standard procedure’ for many global celebrities wanting to have that perfect smile. Equally though,

It’s one of the biggest grumbles we hear when a new patient switches from their previous dentist to us   It’s amazing really, but so often when a new patient registers with Carisbrook Dental Care one of the main reasons they say that prompted the change is that they were utterly fed-up with the fact

If you’ve been wondering ‘What is Invisalign’ this is your perfect opportunity to obtain all the facts … free After many years of being regarded mainly as a means of correcting the position of crowded or crooked teeth and improving the appearance of children’s teeth, the past few years have seen a remarkable increase in

That’s why we place so much emphasis on preventative dentistry   We haven’t actually done it, but we think it’s a safe bet to say that if anyone was to conduct a national survey amongst UK adults and ask them why they visit their dentist, then we’d be pretty confident that a sizable percentage of

A dental implant bridge could be the perfect answer   Of all the millions of people who wear dentures to replace missing teeth, a fair percentage are never completely happy with them. For many people, the fact that their ‘false teeth’ are attached to a palette simply does not work. They either find that the