Find out more from the UK’s leading dental implants dentist. At one time the only remedy, if you lost any teeth, was to replace them with dentures. Today’s dentures are in fact very good and modern developments have undoubtedly improved them, but even so we still hear tales about dentures slipping at the most inconvenient

But Carisbrook dentist Bury is now welcoming new patients   It’s a common complaint of many people who say that they simply cannot find a well-established, top-rated local dentist that is conveniently located for them. If you live around Manchester, particularly North Manchester or even further afield, the good news is that one of the

That’s because there are now more types of dentures than ever before   We think that it is probably fair to say that most people will have pre-conceived ideas and opinions about dentures. Probably these will be based on their own observations of older family members who wore dentures. May we just say that dentures

Even a broken tooth can be brought back to its best with a dental crown Dental crowns are by no means new, but it is surprising just how many people still don’t realise that an unsightly, and maybe painful broken tooth can be effectively and invisibly repaired using a custom-made dental crown.   As a

No one but you will know you’re wearing ‘invisible’ Invisalign braces Many people, especially adults, are put off having orthodontic treatment because they hate the prospect of having to wear the traditional ‘wired on’ metal braces that are not only unsightly, but at times can be downright uncomfortable. Now though, thanks to the innovative design

We have a long history of treating nervous patients and our sedation for dental work means we help to overcome fears Dental phobia (the fear of going to a dentist) is nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of people suffer from it, but our acclaimed nervous patients care programme, our pain management methods and in