Are you trying to achieve a whiter and brighter smile? Are you aware of which foods and drinks can be most staining? The easiest way to keep your teeth pearly white is by not staining them in the first place. Find out which food and drinks are the most staining in our article in the Express.

We have recently completed a new survey of 1,000 parents in Manchester regarding tooth fairy costs. Did you know the tooth fairy is now paying out up to as much as £10 per tooth? Read the full article on the Daily Mail.

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Give the gift of health this Christmas with a little advice from Carisbrook Dental. Have you considered giving an electric toothbrush? An electric toothbrush is better than manual brushing as it removes more of the food and drink debris left in your mouth. Our own Tariq Idrees was featured in

Local dentist causes Daily Mail stir. Judging by the reaction it provoked, a recent article produced by local dentist Carisbrook Dental and published in the Daily Mail, has re-ignited the debate about how often you should change your toothbrush and has highlighted the fact that women take dental health far more seriously than men. These

It’s so simple … don’t stain them in the first place! Whitening teeth has become one of the fastest growing cosmetic dentistry procedures in the UK with almost two million people transforming their smiles. Professional teeth whitening by a dentist is undoubtedly an excellent way to remove stains, improve the appearance of your teeth and

A North West dentist reveals what happens inside your mouth every time you skip a check-up. A few days ago the ‘Independent’ ran an article that spelt-out on a timeline exactly how your mouth, your teeth and your general health could become increasingly at risk simply because you neglect your regular dental check-ups.  One of

Brushing teeth twice a day (in the mornings and last thing at night) is sufficient. However, many people brush much more than the recommended number of times per day. Could this be doing more harm than good? Many people tend to think that brushing their teeth right after a meal has it’s benefits. However, brushing